Winter Storage


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2.25 Acres + 30 Rack Spots of Storage

Hauling: 35 Ton Travelift



Shrink wrapping

Dry Storage: Includes Haul Out, Blocking, Storage and Launch

Wet Storage: De-icing Protection Available

Rack Storage: 30 Individual Rack Spaces Available

Drive-Thru Service Available


Battery Service: Includes battery level check, and disconnect

Off Site Service: Priced per Job by Time and Material, Haul Out & Loading


Additional Storage Services: Add Fuel Stabilizer, Power Wash Bottom, Remove Scum line with Acid &

Power Wash Bottom


Out Drive Winterization: Service includes removal of out-drive unit, inspection of bellows and gimbal bearing,

greasing of U-joint assembly and all other grease fittings, removing prop & greasing prop-shaft, pressure

checking unit, oil drain and refill lower upper gear case, vacuum test for any leaks, reinstall drive unit with

new gasket and "O" rings.


Engine Winterization: This service includes fogging of combustion chambers, draining the engine block,

flushing raw water passages with anti-freeze, and fill engine block with anti-freeze. We inspect all water

hoses, check anti-freeze in fresh water cooling system, spray engine and electrical connections with CRC and

grease steering system. Includes oil change.