5 Year Plan Improvements - October 6th 2017

Today we start work on our new bulk head behind our mechanics shop. We continue with our five-year plan to improve Bergen Point Yacht Basin for our Community. Community and Family is the essence of what makes Bergen Point great. Our great history goes back to 1979!

Bringing families together to enjoy the best part of living on Long Island has made all these years worth it. Worth improving for the next generation to have fun out on the water, cast a big line out and kick back to watch the sunset.

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to see an improvement to the marina in the coming years.


Boating Trends and the Future of Boating

Many boaters are not fully aware of the new and advanced features that are being put into new boats. These features include gyro stabilizers, advanced docking systems, and concert-level sound systems. These features are creating a new level of luxury for boaters and have completely changed what someone is looking for in a new boat. New boat trends are here to stay and it is important to know what the future of boating is going be like. Will it result in boats exclusively being only a luxury for the wealthy elite or will these features become common enough to allow middle-class boaters to be in a position to afford them?

Experience and Community of Boaters in 2017

Boating is something Long Islanders are proud of. Our community, on the south shore, wakes up and admires the sails and ships we see on the horizon. Those sails and ships were hit hard by hurricane sandy. The storm brought a bad memory of the south shore and boating to our shores. Memories that deter young people from getting more involved in boating.

It is our responsibility, as boat owners, to come together and teach the younger generation how amazing and interesting boating on the south shore can be. We need to grab our lines, sails, and our best summer catch story we have and show the youth that fishing and marine activities can be safe and fun.

Moving forward with our experience as a community is the most important thing to keep the Long Island Boating Dream alive!